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Avant-Edge™ Specialized Cost-Reduction


Avant-Edge™ Specialized Cost-Reduction

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Value Added Expertise

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We double the profitability of qualified businesses!

  • Some of America’s largest businesses rely on our CPA and attorney due diligence community to evaluate and provide the best cost-saving solutions and providers.
  • We have hundreds of client references and have saved clients over $3.5 Billion in 25 years.
  • 100% performance based & no upfront costs.


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1. Identify Likely Cost Reduction Solutions & Top Specialists

Our community of CPA and attorney professionals identifies likely solutions and top specialists.

2. Apply Group Expertise & Insight

Top attorneys and accountants share insights, solutions, and real client outcomes that save other advisors’ time to ensure better results.

3. Confirm 20+ Years’ IRS and State Record

We require our experts to have a 20+ year perfect “no change order” record in examinations and audits conducted by the IRS and state tax boards. We also require each expert to have applied the relevant solution for at least 20 years.

4. Former IRS Tax Attorney Evaluate Solutions

Former tax attorneys who previously worked in the IRS general counsel’s office work with our CPA and attorney professionals. Their primary responsibility is to scrutinize the proposed solutions and provide recommendations to further enhance them. This process guarantees the solution fully complies with IRS regulations.

5. CPA & Tax Attorney Professionals Implement

We have assembled a team of distinguished former IRS tax attorneys, law professors/tax attorneys, and managing directors from large CPA firms to serve as client fiduciaries. They will advise the client’s CPA, attorney, and other advisors on how to optimize implementation of the recommended cost-saving solution.

6. Tax Attorney Opinion Letter

We strongly suggest clients engage an experienced tax attorney to write a formal Opinion Letter to satisfy the “reasonable cause and good faith” exception of IRC section 6664. We can refer tax attorneys upon request.

7. IRS & State Audit Support

Our solutions include support for IRS and state audits for guidance throughout the entire process for as long as the business remains a client.

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