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Profitability, EBITDA & Valuation Improvement


Profitability, EBITDA & Valuation Improvement

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Increase your company’s Revenues, Gross Profit, and EBITDA, using the Avant-EdgeProfit/EBITDA Optimizer. With this amazing AI tool, we level the playing field by bringing Fortune 500 analytics to lower and middle market-sized companies.

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How Does It Work?

We begin by using nine data points that your company already has. Then, we apply our proprietary Avant-Edge™  Profit / EBITDA Optimizer tool to perform advanced analytics. This powerful, proprietary technology analyzes years of transaction data using algorithms that spreadsheets analysis simply can’t match.

What Makes Avant-Edge™ Powerful?

Advanced algorithms perform high speed analysis of transaction-level data that identify connections between specific products and individual customers over months or years.

The Avant-Edge Profit /  EBITDA  Optimizer  eliminates enormous time, effort, and expense in surfacing  actionable profit opportunities at both product and customer levels.

The bottom line: Avant-Edge™ drives profit, cash flows, and EBITDA.

Get Results!

Once calculated, we will provide a game plan that specifies how to:

  • Optimize pricing by correcting anomalies and eliminating unintended discounts.
  • Retain customers by identifying those susceptible to flight risk.
  • Remove negative gross profit items.
  • Identify products sold below market value.
  • Reveal existing customers to sell more products that boost incremental revenues,  gross profit, and EBITDA.

The strategic result is increased valuation – guaranteed!

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Who Benefits?

Companies benefit that may:

  • Be underperforming or even distressed.
  • Desire to improve revenues, profitability / EBITDA, and cashflows. 
  • Seek to increase valuation.

Avant-Edge™ Profit & EBITDA Optimizer is the perfect tool for manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale, or professional service companies that have high volumes of SKUs, customers, transactions, and that require quick action to identify profitability opportunities.

What Should You Expect?

Once we input your company’s data, our expert analysis will uncover specific opportunities in seven days that will improve revenues and boost gross margins by 2-5 percentage points.  Download the specifics in our PDF here: