New York Opus M&A Deal Event: Economics vs. Relationship When Choosing A Deal Partner


Join Jim Davidson of Avant Advisory Group and a panel of distinguished M&A veterans as they discuss the networks they have developed over the years. Along with how to utilize them now, in a robust M&A.


Topic: Economics vs. Relationship: How the Two are Measured When Choosing a Deal Partner

In 2018 the M&A market continued to experience record amounts of dry powder, coupled with high purchase multiples that occur as a result. Investors are rethinking previously successful strategies in efforts to put their money to work. There is more competition than ever for a finite number of deals. It is not enough to be able to write a check; one must also rely on relationships for access to deal flow and closing a deal. But how are the economics on a deal and strength of a relationship among the transactional professionals measured against each other? Hear from a panel of seasoned M&A veterans from both sides of the table about how they’ve developed their networks over the years, and utilized them in recent times during this highly competitive market.

They will discuss questions like:

  • Is it enough to be willing to write the largest check?
  • To what extent are past experiences with someone across the table-valued when deciding how to proceed?
  • What steps have they taken to build their network and brand in recent years?


James F. Davidson, CPA, CFF, CFE, CM&AA, CIRA, CTP, CGMA, CM&AP, CBA

Managing Director, Avant Advisory Group


Eric Kieras, Managing Director, JZ Partners, LLC

Jeff Glasse, Managing Director & Head of Debt Capital Markets, Aegis Capital Corporation

Joe Adipietro, Managing Director, ASARD Partners

Scott Porter, Managing Director, Brightwood Capital Advisors