Mason O. Dickerson

Human Resources, Organizational Development

Mason O. Dickerson

Mason O. Dickerson is a senior level human resources management and organizational development specialist. Mason’s thirty-five years of experience in human resources management has included strategic planning, performance management, employee and labor relations, compensation and benefits design, EEO compliance and management employee development including design and delivery of supervisory development training.

His expertise has served a variety of corporate companies to as many as 3,000 employees across multiple industries in such matters as:

  • Human resources strategic planning and organizational development
  • Assessing HR effectiveness in achieving long-term management goals
  • Designing HR architecture that aligns with company strategic goals
  • Performance management design and implementation of skill-based compensation
  • Executive coaching and supervisory training
  • Compensation and benefits plan design and implementation, including company-wide pay-for-performance program
  • Matched core competencies for all management positions with performance management system
  • Implemented executive incentive program based on key economic drivers
  • Negotiated and/or administered twenty-one separate labor contracts in four states

Mason has served as an adjunct professor in the University of California’s HR certification program. He has a master’s in communications from the University of Oklahoma and a bachelor in education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. His specialty and certification training include: compensation plans, executive training and development, succession planning and strategic planning.