Jeff Hazell

Supply Chain and Six Sigma

Jeff Hazell

Jeff is a seasoned leader, supply chain manager and Six Sigma Black Belt with over 30 years of experience in various consumer electronics, service environment, and government supply chains. He has managed many logistics turnarounds and has led a number of organizations in vastly improving operational performance using a DMAIC methodology. Jeff has also led many cross functional initiatives that have dramatically reduced supply chain costs. He is especially adept in using technology to deliver cutting edge solutions that reduce costs.

Jeff has experience in several supply chain areas including:

  • Transportation management reporting systems
  • Warehouse operator accountability systems
  • Supply chain product protection enhancements
  • Logistics performance measurement systems
  • Freight billing estimation and cost control systems
  • Parcel line cost reductions
  • ISO 9000 and Six Sigma program implementations
  • Fulfillment center start-ups
  • Refurbishment center operations
  • Customer service enhancements

As a former Logistics Engineering Manager with Sony Electronics and Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Supply Corps, Jeff’s accomplishments include the following:

  • Implemented a Carrier Management System in which all carrier incidents are tracked and reported to ensure corrective action takes place. This system requires all carriers to implement an internal continuous improvement culture and the company can easily identify the best carriers. This initiative drove defect levels below 200 DPM and saved the company $2 million annually.
  • Created new warehouse damage collection system which utilized a handheld scanner with customized software which collected pictures, incident details and last operator on every damaged item in the warehouse. This system provided detailed reports in which operators causing damage could be easily identified, allowing management to coach and take corrective action. Project resulted in waste reduction of $800K a year.
  • Developed and implemented a unique patented V-Board that protects TV’s through the entire supply chain. Existing V-Boards could not remain on the product as the product traveled through the supply chain because less than full pallet quantities where shipped in the LTL and Parcel lanes. This new protection concept solved this problem by allowing the protection to be cut so it could remain on the TV even if shipped by parcel or LTL carrier. This new protection allowed placement to occur at the factory instead of at the Distribution Center. By applying the protection further upstream this initiative greatly reduced inbound damage, internal damage and warehouse labor resulting in an annual cost savings of $340K.
  • Designed, developed, implemented and administered internal ISO 9000 and Six Sigma Programs. The ISO 9000 program standardized operations across a 6 DC network with HQ direction while the six sigma program engaged over 300 employees in the continuous improvement effort and led to an annual cost reduction of $700K in operating expenses.
    Led Fulfillment Center Start-up project in a 3PL facility with a capacity of filling 6,000 orders a day. This implementation was the company’s initial venture in offering products to the customer directly via an online website.
  • Researched, selected and implemented new Freight Payment and Audit Company that strengthened cost management of a $35 million transportation network.
  • Re-designed 50-employee Government Relocation Office in order to greatly increase customer capacity to handle 50,000 customers a year. The project required converting individual counseling sessions to group counseling classes, developing an Interactive Voice Response System to handle the high volume of incoming phone calls, and developing a comprehensive customer service relocation brochure and led to selection as Best Navy Relocation Office in 1994.
  • Tested, marketed and implemented inventory management workload balancing concept that resulted in the complete reorganization of a 100 federal employee Defense Supply Center. Under this new concept, workload was assigned by random digits instead of by federal item classifications, which completely equalized the workload and generated an annual savings of $700 thousand a year.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Villanova University and a Master of Business Administration in Operations and Logistics from The Ohio State University.