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Financial Forensics, & Corporate Investigations: Minimize Fraud Risk & Loss

Avant Advisory Group provides financial forensics, fraud, investigative and dispute resolution services as a core competency service to complement our advisory specialization in the areas of turnarounds and restructuring, merger and acquisition due diligence, and interim CFO and C-suite services.

We provide the objectivity, credibility, dimension and depth of experience, industry knowledge, and manpower resources to effectively and cost-efficiently perform forensic and fraud investigations and analyses.

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Financial Forensics

Regardless of the challenge, we objectively and credibly seek to surface the facts – getting to the heart of the matter quickly. We are here to help – to secure value by helping you know what went wrong, to determine clear priorities, and to confidently face stakerholders with credible solutions.

We’ve helped others just like you to prepare, respond and emerge stronger and handling multiple bad actors and perpetrators of fraud of threats and crises. With an investigative mindset, forensic intelligence and data analyitcs, we help our clients build resilient strategies that secure value.

“I have worked with Jim Davidson for over 25 years, … Jim is always current on the latest laws and regulations, is in touch with industry trends, and is a skilled communicator. It is rare to find and individual with the wealth of knowledge, and the depth of hands-on experience in one package. Having Jim Davidson and Avant Advisory on your side makes a difference!”

– Michael A. Angel
Esq., Partner, Meserve, Mumper & Hughes LLP

Fraud & Investigative Capabilities

Ideally, internal and external fraud will be detected before becoming apparent. But if an incident or allegation arises–and asset misappropriation, whistleblower claim, conflict of interest, suspicious transaction, or any number of potential irregularities– we can help pursue the facts with speed and precision, respond appropriately, and remediate effectively.

Whether in the boardroom or in the courtroom, we’re on your side, Our network of anti-fraud professionals includes forensically specialized CPAs, certified fraud examiners, economists, and computer forensic and corporate intelligence specialists. We work collaboratively with you to fulfill your anti-fraud challenges by providing objective and objectively determined advice from highly seasoned, credentialed experts.

Dispute Resolution Services

Even under the best of circumstances, disputes happen, which may include complex civil or criminal litigation. This requires the insight and experience of people who understand how to interpret companies’ books, records, and financial documents. Avant provides business and financial advice to attorneys and their clients in matter of crisis or dispute. Our work often requires us to provie expert testimony at depositions, trials, and arbitrations.

A partner or shareholder dispute, a fraudulent transaction, litigation claims, and a host of other circumstances, might require and independent damage loss quantification, insurance claim, or third-party liability, or to gain insight into cost-sharing or other financial dealings under disputed agreements.

Or you might need to determine the effect of accounting adjustments for a merger or acquisition, failed transaction, post-closing disagreement, or help in determining damages from asset misappropriation, financial statement misstatement, or conflict of interest.

  • Accounting
  • Fraud deterrence and detection
  • Breach of contract investigations
  • Business analytics (quantitative assessment & optimization of operating metrics)
  • Litigation consulting, including accounting, economic, and research
  • Damage quantification
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Forensic technology (digital data collection and anlysis)

Specialized designations and expertise of our professionals include:

Sucessful investigations demand professionals with the right skills and experience. Our forensic, fraud, investigative, and litigation support services team includes Certified Fraud Examiners, Forensically Credentialed Certified Public Accountants, forensic technology specialists, former FBI agents, and federal and state court designated expert witnesses.

In addition to being willing to participate or co-invest in the right situations, the following are a sample of Financial Services:

  • Operational and financial due diligence – Quality of earnings

    Evaluate the propriety of generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”) as it affects the Company’s reported earnings, EBITDA, and related cash flows. Assess the impact of current and anticipated business operations on recurring, pro forma/projected financials and EBITDA based on the reasonableness of assumptions and related risks.

  • Sell-side advisory, including reverse diligence and sale preparation

    Develops strategies, prepares and executes plans to sell companies in an efficient and knowledgeable manner which reduces risks and maximizes value; and

  • Financing intermediary and capital raising

    Determines and facilitates financing and investment funds to optimize the capital structure to ensure sufficient liquidity to support appropriate working capital and maximize long-term financial viability.

  • Post-merger integration planning and implementation

    Determines and implements the optimal infrastructure post-transaction to ensure integration is efficiently and effectively performed to maximize shareholder value.

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At Avant Advisory, We Let Our Clients Do The Talking…

Diligence Case Study

Diligence Case Study

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Diligence Case Study

Diligence Case Study

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