CFO Services and C-Suite Interim Management

Times of transition often dictate the need for a part-time or interim CEO, CFO, CRO, or other C-suite executives for entrepreneurial and middle-market companies. Distressed situations, high growth, and other circumstances require experienced executives to seamlessly assume leadership and implement quick change. When a management solution is required to handle complex or urgent strategic, operational, or financial issues Avant Advisory Group can be the proven solution.

Avant provides seasoned, certified and other credentialed financial and operational experts who have had many years of senior management experience obtained with large- and middle-market companies. Our management consultants bring interim leadership to troubled companies – analyzing profitability, realigning operations, reducing costs and expenses, minimizing cash, reducing working capital, and maximizing asset utilization.

Our experts move quickly, objectively, and thoroughly to immediately integrate into a company to assess challenges, pursue opportunities, and mobilize the right resources to solve problems and maximize results. Our senior management skills and interdisciplinary capabilities include:

Planning and Analysis

  • Strategic planning
  • Multi-year operating plans
  • Short and long-term financial forecasting
  • 13-week cash flows forecasts
  • Rolling forecasts and projections
  • Performance improvement assessment
  • Cash and working capital management
  • Expense reduction
  • Profitability analysis by customer, product line, channel, geography
  • Acquisition and disposition analysis
  • Key performance indicators, dashboard metrics, competitive benchmark development
  • Capital structure evaluation

Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Assessing internal and external financial reporting system and processes
  • Revamping reporting procedures and controls
  • Developing reporting packages
  • Complying with GAAP, SEC, IFRS
  • SEC filings: Forms 10-K, 10-Q, S-1, 8-Ks, etc.
  • Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)
  • Financial audit planning and coordination.
  • Costing system assessment

Internal Control Documentation and Redesign

  • Documentation of processes in narratives and flowcharts
  • Assessment of internal controls
  • Recommendations for improvement and control remediation
  • Implementation of and staff training regarding recommendations
  • Monitoring of system of internal controls
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and assessment

Additional CFO and C-Suite Interim Services

  • Audit committees, boards of directors, executive committee
  • Corporate governance assessment
  • Interim management services
  • Capital raising
  • Interface with third party professionals – attorneys, auditors, investment bankers
  • Develop/maintain lending and investor relationships
  • Coordinate capital market transactions
  • Cash management system reviews
  • Assistance with systems selection and implementation
  • IT diligence
  • Pre-IPO/public company preparation
  • Risk assessment and analysis

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Diligence Case Study

Diligence Case Study

Purchase Price Reduction Resulting from EBITDA Diligence Adjustments and Working Capital Shortfall

Diligence Case Study

Diligence Case Study

Sometimes the Best Deal May Be the One Not Done!