Avant worked very hard to meet with the right people in and around our target company, ask the right questions, and make all parties feel comfortable with their investigative work. In a tense turnaround situation, Avant managed to deliver the analysis and recommendations needed without ruffling any feathers. Their professional, pleasant, and courteous demeanor pleased us, and their work ethic impressed us. Even after the engagement, they followed up to ensure the acquisition proceeded smoothly and volunteered to clarify any of their findings, as necessary. Even though it was our first time working together, the Avant professionals made us feel like their most important client. We look forward to working with them again.

Jonathan A. Victor
Managing Director, Balmoral Advisors LLC


I have worked with Jim Davidson for or over 25 years, both in his capacity as the Chief Financial Officer of two major corporations and as a consultant, utilizing his forensic specialization skills, his financial and strategic planning skills involving mergers and acquisitions, and advice on the duties of officers and directors of a major financial institution. Jim is always current on the latest laws and regulations, is in touch with industry trends, and is a skilled communicator. It is rare to find an individual with the wealth of knowledge, and the depth of hands-on experience in one package. Having Jim Davidson and Avant Advisory on your side makes a difference!

Michael A. Angel
Esq., Partner, Meserve, Mumper & Hughes LLP


I came to know Jim Davidson as part of a forensic investigation requested by my company’s senior lender. The company had defaulted on its loan agreement, and the lender sent Jim to investigate the situation and evaluate the company’s opportunity for a turnaround versus a sale. Jim performed a hard-nosed, bottoms-up forensic examination encapsulating the finance, operations, and sales functional areas of the company. Although a tense and stressful situation, Jim made every effort to work with my company’s management team in developing the best course of action for the senior lender and the company. Due to Jim’s flexibility and deep experience in dealing with troubled companies, we were able to work with our senior lender to facilitate a sale of the company. The sale allowed the lender to recoup its investment and our shareholders to salvage millions of potentially lost capital. I firmly believe that had it not been for Jim, both the lender and our shareholders would have lost millions of dollars.

Jim is a rare talent in today’s marketplace possessing a balanced mix of hands-on experience, technical expertise, and professional instinct required to guide an institution toward success.

Michael Caldwell
Chief Financial Officer, Adaption Technologies


Jim Davidson and I have been associated for over 26 years since we worked together at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Over these many years, I have worked with Jim in connection with acquisitions and troubled company turnaround situations. I’ve also observed him operate effectively in executive positions, such as CFO and COO. As a long-time valuation professional, I noted first hand his value creation through both internal profit improvement as well as full implementation of one of the largest and most successful merger transactions in the consumer products and packaging industry. He has expertly served companies ranging from middle market to some of the largest in the nation. Jim is a knowledgeable and a brilliant, out-of-the-box quick thinker. He is a tireless, aggressive advocate for his client, while also pursuing solutions that balance the interests of affected parties.

In addition, our long association has afforded me the opportunity to observe his entrepreneurial spirit, experience, and leadership. I know him as highly motivated, service oriented, physically and mentally tough, of the highest integrity, a skilled communicator, and a natural leader. I have always admired Jim’s values, energy, industriousness, and intellect. Simply put, Jim Davidson makes a substantial, positive difference in all that he does.

Michael Roda
Managing Member, Roda & McCarty LLC


For over 10 years, Jim Davidson has been my go-to consultant for various business operations and ventures. He has successfully helped me resolve multiple and complex strategic, financial, legal, and organizational issues. Recently, for more than two years he provided highly valued consulting services to my industrial-based manufacturing and distribution company. Jim’s recommendations are insightful and practical. He is knowledgeable capable, and a business savvy advisor. No one is more deserving of a higher recommendation than that for Avant Advisory Group and its managing director, Jim Davidson.

Eddie Yau
CEO, E&G Enterprises


The company that Jim Davidson analyzed for us was initially very averse to us engaging a crisis manager. They soon viewed him as a valuable partner, however, with both the CFO and CEO speaking highly of Jim’s professionalism, knowledge, and ability to quickly diagnose the Company’s critical issues. In fact, at the completion of the initial assignment, the company asked Jim to remain on site for another week so to help incorporate his recommendations and to help them in the preparation of a revised set of financial projections. As a lender for the past 10 years, I’ve engaged dozens of 3rd party professionals (crisis managers, turnaround consultants, financial forensic accountants, etc.) to assist me on troubled accounts. This was the first job on which I myself worked with him, but he is the first guy I would turn back to for a similar assignment. I believe his character and integrity are irreproachable. He established an immediate rapport with me and with the management of the company he was analyzing. His report was very insightful, well thought out, and easy to digest. He constantly made himself available for follow-up advice and suggestions. I believe he is a top-notch professional.

Drew Furlong
Vice President, Wells Foothill


Jim Davidson was engaged to perform financial and operational due diligence on behalf of our soon-to-be lender. Jim came in well-prepared and with a strong understanding of our business and the critical issues affecting our company. We were able to analyze the lifeblood of the company in detail without wasting time discussing less important issues. He respected my time and that of my staff, helping to make the overall process smooth and efficient. In addition, Jim used his experience and insight to provide numerous suggestions on how we could improve the operation of our businesses, all of which he shared prior to leaving.

In summary, I appreciate Jim Davidson’s professionalism and involvement with my company. I offer my highest recommendation of him and his firm, Avant Advisory Group.

Bret Vessey
Chief Financial Officer, Rayne Corporation


I had the pleasure of working with Jim Davidson while I was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of a middle market confection importer/distributor company located in San Diego, CA. I worked with Jim in two M&A engagements that included due diligence on behalf of separate private equity firms, which were seeking to acquire the company. Overall, I found Jim’s work ethic and professionalism to be “top notch.” I enjoyed Jim’s valuable insight into many complex issues obtained through years of experience; this is not a guy you need to train to get the job done! Hire Jim and his firm and learn for yourself!.

Thomas Spinogatti
Vice President – Former COO/CFO Confection/Novelty Importer, First Bank, Newport Beach, CA


It was a pleasure working with Jim Davidson on the due diligence for our Company’s recent capital infusion. Jim is highly detail-oriented with a strong depth of experience as well as integrity and good judgment. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone needing financial due diligence, forensic or specialized finance and accounting services. I appreciate everything he did to make my experience top shelf.

Michael Shurgot
CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Resolution Economics


As a senior vice president of a major lending institution, I had the pleasure of working with Jim Davidson through two trying situations when dealing with troubled companies. I found him always the consummate professional: insightful, practical, thorough, knowledgeable, team player, personable, and extremely capable. We could not have achieved such successful solutions without his sound advice and recommendations.

Greg Helman
Former Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank


I have worked closely with the Avant Advisory team for over 8 years. Avant is a very reputable firm with a resourceful team that provides exceptional service and delivers on what they say. They are very hands-on, knowledgeable, transparent, trustworthy and demonstrate integrity. HD Buttercup VP Finance

HD Buttercup
VP Finance, HBD Finance


Jim Davidson was called in to investigate my company’s financials at my request. I sent Jim a year’s worth of monthly results which arrived at his firm on Saturday morning. Two days later Jim was meeting me and had found the issues. Jim and his firm assisted my company by restating the financials, interfacing with the banks and the big four accounting firm, and generating much-needed cash. Jim functioned as interim CFO and brought a new CFO up to speed. Throughout this stressful ordeal, Jim and his firm displayed the highest level of professionalism. Jim’s data-based analysis instantly provided credibility to the Board, the Banks, and the accounting firm. I could not have been happier with the support provided and as President and CEO (retired) I highly recommend Jim Davidson and the Avant Advisory Group.

Roger Fehrman
Retired President & CEO


Avant provided consulting assistance in 2017 to one of StoneCreek Capital’s portfolio companies. They achieved all of our stated objectives and we were pleased with their high level of expertise, responsiveness, and professionalism.

Bruce Lipian
Co-Founder, StoneCreek Capital