Kathryn Tran, CPA

Bankruptcy Compliance; Litigation Support

Kathryn Tran, CPA

Kathryn Tran is a CPA with a law degree and a bankruptcy case management specialist. She is a litigation services expert with sixteen years of a legal and financial analysis experience. Her cases have involved client management, developing and implementing case goals, scope, resources, and processes to align client needs and regulatory reporting requirements.

Kathryn performed the following in her bankruptcy and litigation support cases:

  • Analyzed and calculated claim payout or distribution scenarios for Chapter 11 plan of reorganization and Chapter 7 asset bankruptcy matters
  • Planned, calculated and monitored procedures in preference claim analyses (ordinary course and new money)
  • Prearranged, directed and compiled first day motions and prepared Schedule of Assets and Liabilities and Statement of Financial Affairs and other ancillary court documents in both Chapter 11 and 7 bankruptcy filings
  • Handled management of claims docketing and official claim register and claim reporting to the United States Bankruptcy Court, attorneys, debtors, and Trustees

Coordinated tracking and reporting of claim objections that included cases involving:

  • M Waikiki, Hawaii hotel operator
  • CyberDefender Corporation, a software provider
  • Axium International, a thirty-seven debtor payroll company for film industry employees
  • Renaissance Surgical Arts at Newport Harbor, LLC
  • People’s Choice, a three debtor subprime lender
  • Zante, Inc., eighteen debtor multi-property casino/gaming company
  • New Century TRS Holdings, a seventeen debtor subprime lender
  • McKnight and Legisi Holdings, an investment company
  • Structured Investment Co, a pension investment company

Prepared monthly operating reports or post effective date quarterly operating report to United States Trustee for ongoing Chapter 11 matters

Managed liquidating estates’ funds on behalf of liquidating Chapter 11 trustees, such as EBCI (formerly EToys)

Planned, managed, and analyzed several key elements in the potential corporate member substitution transaction by Daughters of Charity Healthcare Services of Downey Regional Medical Center under a plan of reorganization

  • Managed collection, review and calculation of potential contract claims due to contract rejection and administrative claim for assumption of contract
  • Analyzed claims for class pool scenario analysis and potential post effective date liquidation funding
  • Managed and controlled due diligence process

Other litigation support includes:

  • Completed analysis, development, and recommendations in an action involving a credit facility agreement among seven commercial banks:
    Reconstructed allocations of revolver debt service repayments among the banks and analyzed company documents and deposition transcripts to support standard of care issues
    Developed action plan to include identifying deliverables and presenting results
  • Analyzed and reconstructed stock option grants and employee stock option fraud at an energy company that resulted in recommending and implementing changes in company policies
  • Investigated contracting practices of a global telecommunications company that included analysis of data for amortization practices for launched satellites
  • Reconstructed real estate transaction to tracking flow of funds in a real estate pyramid scheme

Kathryn is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. She obtained her Juris Doctorate law degree and Bachelor of Business in Accounting & Finance from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.