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"As a senior vice president of a major lending institution, I had the pleasure of working with Jim Davidson through two trying situations when dealing with troub..."

Greg Helman

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"Service: Turnaround and crisis management
Client: Mezzanine lender
Company: Consumer products company
Revenues: $20,000,000
Investment: $8,000,000..."

Mezzanine lender

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Our Team

William Swanson, CMC

William Swanson, CMCWilliam Swanson, CMC
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Bill Swanson is a senior level executive and consultant with nearly 30 years of experience obtained in mid and large cap international firms. He has served in various management positions, including Director of Worldwide Sales & Marketing, and for divisions with revenues of $200 million and corporate revenues exceeding $9 billion. He managed high technology sales, marketing, and product operations to achieve four consecutive years of 30% compounded annual growth rates generating pre-tax incomes of 23% in companies within mature industries.

Bill has negotiated detailed procurement contracts, memorandums of understanding, and long-term private-label agreements with large and very large high-technology companies as: Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Cascade Microtech, Baxter Scientific, Applied Materials, Baldor Motors, Dana Corp., Fisher Scientific, Newark, Fox Electronics, Cohu, Pemstar, and DakoCytomation. International laboratories included: SLAC, Argon, Livermore, Brookhaven, and CERN.

His background and understanding of international business in sales and procurement negotiations equip him for achieving high margin revenues, sales force effectiveness, product development, project and risk assessment, and M&A due diligence analysis. Bill is particularly skilled in helping firms apply transactional Six Sigma methods and financial project simulation analytics and analysis. 

Bill is a Certified Management Consultant, and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt obtained from University of Michigan’s School of Engineering. He completed the Oracle Crystal Ball Project Financial Impact Analysis to earn his Financial Project Simulation Certification from Oracle University. He holds a master in business management from Marylhurst University, Portland, Oregon, and a bachelor of science from Bradley University’s School of Mechanical Engineering & Technology, Peoria, Illinois.

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